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Muskingum University CS Curriculum

Web API’s Applications

Created multiple API applications for my internship w/Magnum Magnetics. Created a Weather Based API Web Page/Widget, displaying the current weather forecast and the future weekly forecast. Created an Email Validation API Application/Widget, returning back whether the inputted email was valid or not

Order Entry System

Created a new order system for the Sales department at my internship w/Magnum Magnetics. The flow of the system consisted of five separate web pages. The complexity of the project made us account for several types of orders and several types of variables to include. I implemented several Stored Procedures throughout the flow of events to handle the different data required for the orders.

Building Blocks Augmented Reality Game

Application created within the CS curriculum as well. The game involved w/ the user either creating a new block tower, or using a pre-built tower to throw blocks at and attempt to knock down. The user was limited to the amount of throws they had for each round. The program was developed with Visual Studio and Unity too.

Campus Tour Augmented Reality Application

Created an application in my Augmented Reality class within the CS curriculum w/Muskingum University. The application was used for campus tours, it utilized & recognized different images on campus and returned more information to the user using the application. Such as which departments are in which buildings on campus and more related information about those departments. We used Visual Studio and Unity to develop this program.

Aviation Wordpress Website

Created an Aviation website for a family friend. I designed the website w/HTML & CSS(using Bootstrap) initially, and converted the website to the Wordpress platform. Added the inventory to the database hosted within the Wordpress system, and created custom PHP web pages to display individual posts for each of the aircrafts.